Regional Climate Data

Climate data for the certifcation of UK based projects

The use of appropriate climate data is essential to accurately designing a Passivhaus as climate files used in PHPP define the boundary conditions upon which all of the thermal modelling calculations are based.  BRE has produced 22 regional UK climate data sets that have been checked and ratified by the Passivhaus Institut. These dataset provides Passivhaus designers with data suitable for certification across the UK.

The map below indicates the 22 climate regions which can be downloaded by selecting the regions listed.

London Heat Island

Due to the dense urban area within central London you are able to use data set Region 1 within PHPP for the London boroughs listed below:

  1. Hammersmith and Fulham
  2. Kensington and Chelsea
  3. Westminster
  4. Islington
  5. City of London
  6. Hackney
  7. Tower Hamlets
  8. Newham
  9. Lewisham
  10. Southwark
  11. Lambeth
  12. Wandsworth

Regional climate data map