One of the biggest stumbling blocks to refurbishments is finding the appropriate financing. Step-by-step refurbishments require lower up-front investments meaning that the hurdle posed by financing can be significantly lowered. Nevertheless, even fewer funding programmes are available for gradual refurbishments of the course of years, making them a challenge worth examining.

EuroPHit’s Role:

EuroPHit delves into the economics of financing step-by-step energy retrofits. A major project aim in this field is that of clearly demonstrating the benefit and significance of step-by-step refurbishments to financing institutions, thereby encouraging them to set up appropriate financing schemes that reflect the reduction in potential running costs for the buildings, and improved life cycle benefits.

Financial Guidelines:

Financing guidelines for energy efficient refurbishment will be elaborated based on the results of financial workshops and project research on the value of highly energy efficient refurbishment. The guidelines will inform readers on the relevance of certification and labeling systems, the significance of energy advisors in the process, as well as the benefits of using renewable energies with regard to the building’s value.