Overarching Sustainabilty Standards

Passivhaus is sometimes compared to or confused with the Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM ratings for non-domestic buildings.  In reality the distinction is quite simple: Passivhaus is a specific energy performance standard that delivers very high levels of energy efficiency, whilst the Code and BREEAM are overarching sustainability assessment ratings which address a large number of environmental issues.

These standards are by no means mutually exclusive; sub sections within these sustainability standards account for Energy and Carbon Dioxide emissions which are the most heavily weighted and most difficult to achieve..

The message is simple - by adopting the Passivhaus ‘fabric first’ approach you are able to reduce the level of renewable energy interventions needed to deliver the higher level targets. Any renewable energy produced onsite by a Passivhaus will typically achieve a greater profit margin since a higher component will be fed-back to the grid as a result of the standard’s stringent primary energy target.