Passivhaus Primer: Airtightness Guide

Airtightness and air pressure testing in accordance with the Passivhaus standard

This primer is an aid to understanding the key principles involved in achieving the airtightness performance required to meet the Passivhaus standard.

The primer also describes how to ensure that the building is correctly air pressure tested for compliance with Passivhaus certification (n50) pressure test requirements.

Unwanted air leakage significantly increases the space heating demand of a building, as well as causing occupant discomfort from cold draughts. Air leakage can also lead to long term problems in the building fabric where it is repeatedly damaged by the transmittance of water vapour which results in interstitial condensation. In areas affected by atmospheric pollution unwanted air leakage can contribute to reduced levels of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Achieving the advanced Passivhaus standard of airtightness (in conjunction with the use of appropriately designed ventilation systems) will help to eliminate these problems. Click here to download.

 Primer: Airtightness

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